Ailly, Pierre d', Questiones super primum, tertium et quartum sententiarum. 1513?. 8°. Paris: Jean Barbier, and Jacques Ferrebouc and Jean Bienayse, for Jean Petit.

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Ailly, Pierre d’, 1350-1420?
[Questiones super primum, tertium et quartum sententiarum.]
Questiones magistri Petri de alliaco ... super primum tertium et quartum Sententiarum.
[Paris]: Venundantur parisii in domo Ioannis parui. [Colophon:] Nuper impresse parisius [pr. by J. Barbier and J. Bienayse]. Impensis Iohannis petit, [c. 1513].
8°: a–c ²a–z & ʔ A–M⁸.
Printed in Paris for Jean Petit, the printing shared by Jean Bienayse and Jean Barbier.
Sigs A –M are printed with the material of Jean Bienayse; sigs a–ʔ are printed with the typographical material of Jean Barbier, c. 1513 (IS001038).
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiij.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot94 (53mm); Rot40 [old Rot8] also Rot68 and Rot38 (64mm).
Initials: 13.
Devices: Renouard 889 (J. Petit).
Adams A758.
Inventaire chronologique 1515, no. 998.
Imprimeurs parisiens, iii, no. 207.