Alexander, the Great, Epistola de situ Indiae. 1515. 4°. Paris: Jean de Gourmont, for himself.

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Alexander, the Great, 356 B.C.-323 B.C.
[Epistola de situ Indiae.]
Singularis & rara Alexandri magni Epistola de situ Indię & itinerum in ea vastitate ad aristotelem preceptorem suum a Cornelio nepote ... in latinitatem versa: ...Iacobi Colinei ... ęnigmata.
[Paris]: Veneunt autem haec omnia in officina literaria Ioannis Gormontii e regione Collegii Coqueretici [pr. by J. de Gourmont], [c. 1515].
4°: a–d⁴ e⁶.
Printed in Paris with the typographical material of Jean de Gourmont for himself.
Preliminary letter by the editor, Jacques Colin, to Jean Bonpas.
Signature pattern: ‘$i’–‘$iii’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R8 (101mm); R16 (80mm); Gk5A (80mm).
Initials: 15.
Lombards: 11.0.
Inventaire chronologique 1515, no. 1001.