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Antoine Caillaut
Printer in Paris, 1482–1501, 1505–1506


Caillaut is known to have sold his house at the sign of the Cup of Gold in 1501. There appears to have been a discontinuity in his output between that date and c.1505, though Renouard suggests that he might have continued working from that address though he no longer owned it.

A number of incunable and later editions of the Stella clericorum have some acrostich verses at the end giving the name Antoine Caillaut; these verses seem to have been copied from edition to edition and cannot be safely used to attribute unsigned editions to Caillaut (see BMC viii, p.48). Isaac listed a Stella clericorum (3833.a.21) under Caillaut, presumably on the basis of this acrostich but the types do not match and the edition is here attributed to Pierre Le Dru.

rue Saint Jacques, à l’enseigne de la Couppe d’Or (1493–1501+)
Renouard, Répertoire, p. 65;
Claudin, Histoire, i, 295 ff.; BMC, viii, 40-54;
D.J. Shaw, ‘Books printed by Antoine Caillaut after 1500’, Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1979, 140-42.
BnF Data: Antoine Caillaut (14..-1506?)
Renouard, Marques, nos 116, 117, apparently not used after 1500.
Name Size Dates Notes
T25 95 1495, 1505, with mixed uppercase as BMC 97G second state.
Rot3 180 1505, 1506.
B11 81 [1505,1506], with wide lowercase d.
B2 111 1492, 1502.
Size Dates
10 mm 1501, 1504, 1506
8 mm 1504
Some initials from sets which seem to have belonged to Verard.

[Ordinaire des chrétiens.]
Lordinaire des crestiens.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Imprime a Paris [pr. by A. Caillaut?, for J. Petit], [1500/1501].
2°: a⁴ b–f⁸ g⁶ h–i⁸ k–p⁶ q⁸ r⁶ s⁸ t–y⁶ z⁸.
Printed in Paris with the types of Antoine Caillaut for Jean Petit.
[View full record]IB.40265 (lacks most of title-page (a1))
2 December 1505
[Livre de l’amour de Dieu.]
Le liure de lamour de dieu et de son prouchain.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Nouuellement imprime a paris [pr. by A. Caillaut]. Et fut acheue le second iour de decembre Lan .M.v c et cinq. Pour Anthine [sic] verard Libraire, [1505].
4°: a–g⁶.
Printed in Paris for Antoine Verard with the typographical material of Antoine Caillaut.
[View full record]C.22.a.3 (printed on vellum; lacks g2.g6)
Bouchet, Jean, 1476-approximately 1558.
Les regnars traversant les perilleuses voyes des folles fiances du monde Composees par Sebastien brand.
[Paris]: Imprime a paris [Colophon:] pour Anthoyne verard [pr. by A. Caillaut?], [c.1505?].
4°: a–z⁶.
Printed in Paris by Antoine Caillaut for Antoine Verard.
[View full record] (mixed sheets?)
7 January 1505 [1506 n.s.]
Modus et ratio de diuine contemplation.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Nouuellement imprime a paris Et fut acheue le .vii. iour du moys de Ianuier: Lan .M v. cens .et. v: pour Anthoine verard, libraire [pr. by A. Caillaut?], [1505 (1506 n.s.)].
4°: aaa–qqq⁶ rrr⁴.
Printed in Paris by Antoine Caillaut for Antoine Verard.
[View full record]C.22.a.6 (on vellum; rrr4 blank)
26 May 1506
[Ordinaire des chrétiens.]
Lordinayre des crestiens .
[Paris]: [Colophon:] nouuellement Imprime a Paris Le xxvi. iour de may. Mil .v. cens et. vi. par Anthoine caillaut imprimeur. Pour Michel le noir. Libraire iure, [1506].
4°: a–v⁶////⁴ G–H⁶.
Printed in Paris by Antoine Caillaut for Michel Le Noir.
[View full record]1224.g.20 (lacks H6 (blank?))

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