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5 February 1517
Chrysoloras, Manuel, approximately 1350-1415.
Ἐρωτήματα τoῦ Χρυσολωρᾶ ... Grammatica Chrysolorę.
[Paris]: Ἐτυπώθη ἐν Λευκοτοκία ἢτοι ἀπὸ θεογονίας χιλιϛῶ, πεντακοσιοϛῶ ἑκκαιδεκάτω. Ἐλαφηβολιῶνος ἱϛαμένου πέμπτῃ [pr. by J. de Gourmont], [1512].
4°: α–π⁴ ρ⁶.
Printed in Paris for Gilles de Gourmont with the typographical material of Jean de Gourmont.
Edited by F. Vatable.
Signature pattern: ‘$i’–‘$iii’ (greek).
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R16 (78mm); Gk5B (78mm).
Initials: 28.
Devices: Renouard 381 (G. de Gourmont).
Inventaire chronologique 1516, no. 1302.
Omont XXV.
[IS000548]G.7531(3) (lacks ρ6)