Cicero, Marcus Tullius, De divinatione. 1511?. 4°. Paris: Gilles de Gourmont, for himself.

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Cicero, Marcus Tullius.
[De divinatione.]
Hieronymus Aleander Mottensis Guillermo Coppo Basiliensis Medico Suo. S.
[Paris]: [pr. by G. de Gourmont?], [c. 1511].
4°: a–d⁴/⁶ e⁴ f–i⁴/⁶ k–m⁴.
Printed in Paris, possibly printed with the typographical material of Gilles de Gourmont.
The state of the device suggests a date of 1510/1511; Aleandro’s second stay in Paris dates from June 1511.
Signature pattern: ‘$i’–‘$iij’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Initials: spaces with guide letters.
Devices: Renouard 380 (G. de Gourmont).
Inventaire chronologique 1512, no. 270.