Compartment of Nicolas Des Prez

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Foot of compartment of Nicolas Des Prez


Compartment of Nicolas Des Prez from [CERL Thesaurus ]
Renouard 233.
A compartment in four sections, with the initials 'NDP' in the bottom section. The top and side sections are copied from Badius's compartments.
Found in some books which have no apparent connection to Des Prez.
Dates recorded: 1513–1520
Damage: 1513: nick in top of top section, 10 mm break in top of bottom section; 1514: nick in right of top section, further break in top of bottom section; 1515: break in top of top section; 1516: weakness along bottom of bottom section; 1518: nick on right of bottom section; 1520: breaks on left of top section and left section.