Council of Constance. Acta. 1506. 8°. Paris: Pierre Le Dru, for Jean Petit.

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12 May 1506
Council of Constance. (1414-1418 : Konstanz, Germany).
Acta scitu dignissima docteque concinnata constantiensi consilii celebratissimi.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Impressa in preclarissima parisiorum vrbe pro Iohannem cum cognomento le petit [pr. by P. Le Dru]. Anno millesimo quingentesimo sexto die vero .xii. mensis maii [1506].
8°: a b–x⁸ y⁴.
Printed in Paris for Jean Petit with the typographical material of Pierre Le Dru.
Adams’s collation has ²x⁴ instead of y⁴.
Signature pattern: ‘$’ only.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot3 (190mm); T27 (95mm); Rot69 (65mm).
Devices: Renouard 881 (J. Petit).
Lombards: 8.0; 10.0.
Adams C2540.
Inventaire chronologique 1506, no. 39.