Dati, Agostino, Elegantiolae. 1518?. 4°. Paris: successors of Jean Marchant, for Jean Petit.

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13 June 1518
Dati, Agostino, 1420-1478.
Augustini dathi senen. Libellus de elegantia.
[Paris?]: [pr. by the successors of J. Marchant], [13 June 1518].
4°: A–B⁸ C⁶ a–i⁸ K⁸ Aa⁸.
Printed in Paris for Jean Petit, with the typographical material of the successors of Jean Marchant.
Badius’s letter to the reader (as author of the commentary) is dated ‘Ex officina nostra idibus Iunii MD.XVIII.’ This is copied from an earlier edition, with a new date.
Originally listed by Isaac under Badius and later transferred to the bookseller Jean Petit.
Signature pattern: ‘$’ and ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot6 (205mm); R16 (79mm; with gothic e-cedilla, small -rum(4), yog, large and small -us); Rot94 (52mm).
Initials: 17×15; 25.
Devices: Renouard 881 (J. Petit).
Lombards: 11.0; 7.0; 5.0.
Inventaire chronologique 1518, no. 1800.