Didier Maheu

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Didier Maheu

Imprimeur-libraire; libraire juré.

Recorded as a printer from 1515. He seemed to work particularly for Gottfried Hittorp.

In vico Iacobeo, ad insigne beati Nicolai, prope templum sancti Benedicti (rue Saint Jacques, at the sign of St Nicholas, near the church of St Benedict
Renouard, Répertoire, 289-90.
BnF Data: Didier Maheu.
Renouard 697 1519
Name Size Dates Notes
R2 117 1519
Rcaps 9A 9mm Rcaps 1519
T32 52 1518
T31 59 1516
T17 112 1516
T11 130 1516, 1518
T6 220 1516
Rot99 42 1518
Rot 66 1518 possibly Rot14 with a variant M
Rot40 92 1516
Gk 1519
Size Dates
2.5 mm 1516
5.5 mm 1516
9.0 1519
Size Dates
12 mm 1518
15 mm 1519
22 mm 1519
26 mm 1519
29 mm 1519
45 mm 1519
‘$.j.’–‘$.iiij.’ (1515); ‘$’ and ‘$.j.’ – ‘$.iiij.’ and ‘$.v.’ (1519).

30 October 1516
[Liturgies. Breviaries. Brussels.]
Breuiarij ad vsum insignis ecclesie collegiate diue Gudile oppidi Bruxcellensis ... Pars estiualis.
[Paris]: [Colophon, Pars hiemalis:] Parisijs opera Desiderij maheu: & accuratione Iodoci Badij ascensij, 3 cal. Nou. 1516.
8°: a–d⁸ e⁴; A–D⁸; A–B⁸ C⁶; [red:] aa⁸ bb⁶; aa–nn⁸ oo⁴.
Printed in Paris by Didier Maheu with Josse Badius acting as editor.
[View full record]C.36.b.19 (Pars estivalis)
15 January 1519
[Liturgies. Breviaries. Benedictines of Germany.]
Breuiarium reuerendorum patrum ordinis diui Benedicti de Obseruantia per Germaniam.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Parrhisijs impressa per Desiderium Maheu. Sumptibus Godefridi hectoris, Anno. Mil. cccccxviij. Die xv. mensis Ianuarij [1518 (1519 n.s.)].
8°: ¹⁰ A–J⁸; a–t⁸ v⁴; aa–ee⁸; ²A–E⁸ F⁴.
Printed in Paris by Didier Maheu for Gottfried Hittorp.
[View full record]Legg.245 (Pars hiemalis)
June 1519
[Methodus medendi.]
Galeni Methodus medendi.
[Paris]: M. D. XIX. [Colophon:] Lutetiae, sumptu Godefridi Hittorpii apud Desiderium Maheu. Mense Iunio Anno M.D.XIX. [1519].
2°: ⁸ A–X y–z⁸ AA⁶.
Printed in Paris by Didier Maheu for Gottfried Hittorp.
[View full record]540.h.20(2) (lacks N2–V8)
C.19.e.16 (vellum)
C.19.e.17 (vellum)
[De differentiis febrium.]
Galeni de differentiis febrium libri duo.
[Paris]: Venale habetur Parisius in officina Desiderij Maheu Chalcographi [pr. by D. Maheu?], Anno .MD.XIX [1519].
2°: Aa–Cc⁸.
Printed in Paris for Didier Maheu, presumably printed by him.
[View full record]539.h.5(2).

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