Dozoli, Laurent, Tractatus corporis christi. 1513. 8°. Paris: Jean Barbier, for Jean Petit.

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14 May 1513
Dozoli, Laurent.
Tractatus corporis christi.
[Paris]: Venundatur a Iohanne Petit. [Colophon:] Impressus Parisius per Iohannem Barbier. Impensis Iohannis Petit. Anno .M.CCCCC. xiij. die mensis Maij xiiij. [1513].
8°: A–C⁸ D⁴.
Printed in Paris by Jean Barbier for Jean Petit.
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiij.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T15 (125mm); T24 (94mm); Rot79 (61mm).
Initials: 14.
Devices: Renouard 888 (J. Petit).
Lombards: 5.0.
Inventaire chronologique 1513, no. 565.
Imprimeurs parisiens, iii, no. 209.