Erasmus, Desiderius, Apologiae duae. 1519. 4°. Paris: Henri Estienne, for Conrad Resch.

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4 May 1519
Erasmus, Desiderius, -1536.
[Apologiae duae.]
Desi. Erasmi Roterodami Apologiae duae, nunquam antehac typis excusę.
[Paris]: Venundantur in vico diui Iacobi, sub scuto Basiliensi [address of C. Resch; pr. by H. Estienne], [1519].
4°: a–e⁸ f⁴; ....
Printed in Paris by Henri Estienne for Conrad Resch.
Date and printer from Inventaire chronologique.
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’ and ‘$.j.’ – ‘$.iiij.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R6 (107mm); R16 (83mm); Gk5B (107mm).
Initials: 26; 30.
Inventaire chronologique 1519, no. 2051.
[IS001274]94.e.8(5) (part 1 only)