Félix Baligault

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Félix Baligault
Printer in Paris, 1492-1503? (d.1506)


He was still at work in 1502 but his device (and initials?) had passed to Jean Lambert by June 1503; he died before the end of November 1506. His address was taken over by the bookseller Henri Sayet who seems to have married Baligault’s widow.

His books are rarely dated; the Inventaire chronologique records no books at all for the sixteenth century; Imprimeurs & libraries parisiens lists six undated books as sixteenth century and one book dated 1500 as being 1501 new style. The only book listed here is dated 1501 and is attributed to Baligault on the basis of his incunable types; the following British Library undated incunables have been examined and cannot reliably be ascribed to the sixteenth century: IA.40519 (1497-1499); IA.40607, IA.40611, IA.40619 (after February 1500).

Isaac thought that a group of books published by Antoine Verard were printed by Baligault but this is ruled out by their dates which range to at least 1511, after Baligault’s death. This group has been ascribed here to Philippe Pigouchet.

Collège de Beauvais, at the sign of the Corne-de-Cerf, rue Saint Jacques (1492-1494);
at the sign of Saint Etienne (in signo sancti Stephani), next to the Collège de Reims (rue des Sept-Voyes), 1494-1506.
Renouard, Répertoire, 16;
Claudin, ii, 193-208; BMC viii, 168-80;
A. Labarre, ‘La marque de l’imprimeur parisien Félix Baligault comme élément de datation’, Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1964, 305-11;
Imprimeurs & libraries parisiens de XVIe siècle, t.2, 315-19.
BnF Data: Félix Baligault (14..-1506?)
Renouard 28 (1492) and Renouard 29 (1499; passes to Jean Lambert, Renouard 541); not found in books catalogued here.
Name Size Dates Notes
Rot69 63 1493-1501 BMC’s 64G
Rot55 74 1497-1501 BMC’s 75GB
Rot40 98 1492-1501 BMC’s 96G
Rot3 180 1492-1501 BMC’s 180G
20x criblé without a rule, and black on white with a rule; illustrated by Claudin.

28 July 1501
[Bible. Latin.]
Biblia cum summarijs concordantijs: diuisionibus: & tribus repertorijs prepositis.
[Paris]: Venundatur ab Iohanne paruo in Parrhisiorum Lutecia [Colophon:] impressum [pr. by F. Baligault], Anno Millesimo quingentesimo primo. Die vero .xxviij. mensis Iulij [1501].
2°: πA–B⁶ a⁸ b–z aa–zz A–Z AA–BB⁶ CC⁸; ²a–d⁶.
Printed with the typographical material of Félix Baligault for Jean Petit.
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