Fernand, Charles, De animi Tranquillitate Libri duo. 1512. 4°. Paris: Josse Badius, for himself and Jean Petit.

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13 November 1512
Fernand, Charles, 1450?-1517.
De animi Tranquillitate Libri duo. F. Caroli fernandi.
[Paris]: Venundantur parrhisiis in aedibus Ioannis parui & Iodoci Badii Ascensii. [1512].
4°: Aa⁶ A–H⁸ I¹⁰.
Printed in Paris by Josse Badius for himself and Jean Petit.
Dated from Badius’s letter which ends ‘praelo nostro impressos. Anno .MDXII. ad Idus Nouemb.’.
Some copies have the device of J. Petit (Renouard 883).
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot3 (180mm); R10 (91mm).
Initials: 27; 45.
Devices: Renouard 22 (J. Badius).
Inventaire chronologique 1512, no. 311.
Renouard, Badius, ii, 439–40.
Imprimeurs parisiens, ii, no. 186.