Galliot Du Pré

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Bookseller in Paris, 1511–1561

Libraire juré

In aula regia sub secundo pilari (en la grant salle du Palais au second pilier vers la chapelle ou len chante la messe de messieurs les Presidens: in the Palais de Justice by the second pillar on the way to the chapel where they sing mass for the Présidents)
From 1515: Super pontem diui virginis sub signo vulgariter nuncupato la Galee or sub intersignio Classis aureae (on the Pont Notre Dame at the sign of the Galleon)
Renouard, Répertoire, p. 131–132
BnF Data: Galliot Du Pré


The following printers produced books financed by or in partnership with Galliot Du Pré



The following books were printed for Galliot Du Pré