Beroaldo, Filippo, Orationes, praelectiones, praefationes. 1508. 4°. Paris: Josse Badius, for himself and the Marnef brothers.

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15 December 1508
Beroaldo, Filippo, 1453-1505.
Orationes Prelectiones Praefationes & quaedam Mithicae Historiae Philippi Beroaldi. Quibus addi possunt varia eiusdem ... opuscula.
[Paris]: Venundantur Parrhisiis In Aedibus Ascensianis: & sub Pelicano [address of the Marnef brothers]. [Colophon:] In aedibus Ascensianis, Ad Idus Decembris M.DVIII. [1508].
4°: a–g⁸ h⁴ i⁸ k⁴; Aaa⁶.
Printed in Paris by Josse Badius for himself and the Marnef brothers.
The wording of the title page indicates that other sections of Beroaldus’s works were available in the same format for purchasers to bind with the present volume.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$iii’ and ‘$iiij’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot3 (180mm); R4 (106mm); R16B (75mm); Gk5A (92mm).
Initials: 14.
Devices: Renouard 22 (J. Badius).
Lombards: 11.0.
Inventaire chronologique 1508, no. 26.
Renouard, Badius, ii, 162.
Imprimeurs parisiens, ii, no. 85.
[IS000340]12301.e.39(1) (final gathering misbound)