Merlin. (1515–1517 ?). 4°. Paris: widow of Jean Trepperel and Jean Jehannot

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Le premier [-second] volume de Merlin.
[Paris]: Nouuellement imprime a Paris. On les vent a paris en la rune neufue nostre dame A lenseigne de lescu de France. [Colophon, vol. 2:] Nouuellement imprime a paris par la veufue feu Iehan trepperel et Iehan iehannot libraire iure, [1515–1517].
4°: πA⁴ a–z & A–L⁸////⁴ M⁸; ã⁴, a–h⁸///⁴ i–z⁸////⁴ &⁸ aa–bb⁴ cc⁸.
Printed after January 1515 when J. Jehannot became a ‘libraire juré’.
There are three sets of quire numbers on A4v in volume one, corresponding to volumes 1 and 2 and the Prophecies de Merlin which constitutes a third volume of the edition (IS000473).
Quire number ‘xxviii.’ at end of vol. 2: there are 28 gatherings (35 sheets) in vol. 2.
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T6 (230mm); T16 (116mm); B11 (81mm).
Initials: 11; 32; 14; 19.
Lombards: 7.0.
Illustrations: woodcuts and borders; woodcut 85×102 mm, man with sword, tree, woman, empty slots.
[IS000472]C.39.e.13 (vols 1 and 2)