Liturgies. Hours. Salisbury. 1503?. 8°. Paris: Pierre Le Dru, for Jean Poytevin.

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[Liturgies. Hours. Salisbury.]
[Title page missing] .
[Paris]: [pr. by P. Le Dru?, for J. Poytevin?], [c. 1503?].
8°: a⁸ πb⁴ b–k⁸ l⁴.
Printed in Paris for Jean Poytevin, probably printed with the typographical material of Pierre Le Dru.
The BnF copy has a fragment of the device of J. Poytevin, which was dated to c. 1515 by L. Delisle and is now thought to date from 1502–1503 (letter from U. Bauermeister).
Dated to c. 1495 by STC.
Signature pattern: ‘$’ only.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: B11 (83mm).
Illustrations: Woodcuts and borders.
BMC viii, 197.
Hoskins 11*.
STC 15881.5.
[IS000500]IA.40939 (lacks a1)