Des Groux, Pierre, Oratio de divi Ludovici Francorum regis praeconiis. 1519?. 4°. Paris: Jean de Gourmont, for himself.

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Des Groux, Pierre, 14..-15.
[Oratio de divi Ludovici Francorum regis praeconiis.]
Petri, Des, Groux, ... Oratio de diui Ludouici Francorum regis praeconijs, ... Eiusdem sermo doctoralis.
[Paris]: Veneunt in aedibus Ioannis Gormontij [pr. by J. de Gourmont], [1519?].
4°: πA⁶ A–R⁴.
Printed in Paris with the typographical material of Jean de Gourmont for himself.
Letter dated ‘Decimo tertio kalendas Apriles, 1519’ (20 March 1519).
Poem by Ravisius Textor.
Collation completed from Adams.
Signature pattern: ‘$j’–‘$iij’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R16 (81mm); R8 (101mm); R21 (63mm).
Initials: 55.
Adams D328.
CLC D315.
Inventaire chronologique 1519, 2036.
[IS000565]10659.b.7 (lacks all after sig. D)