Demosthenes, Kata Aristokratous. 1518?. 4°. Paris: Jean de Gourmont, for Gilles de Gourmont.

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[Kata Aristokratous.]
Δημοστηένους ὁ κατὰ ἀριστοκράτους λόγος. Demosthenis contra Aristocratem oratio.
Parisiis: Ex officina Aegidij Gormontij [pr. by J. de Gourmont?], [1518].
4°: α–μ⁴.
Printed in Paris probably by Jean de Gourmont for Gilles de Gourmont.
The imprint states ‘Ex officina Aegidij Gormontij’ with his address ‘ad insigne scuti Coloniensis’.
The address and types suggest a date of c. 1518.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$iiii’ (Greek’).
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Gk5B (100mm); R16 (80mm).
Initials: Greek type capitals, 4.5 mm.
Inventaire chronologique 1518, no. 1801.