Theocritus, Eidyllia. 1511. 4°. Paris: Jean de Gourmont, for Gilles de Gourmont.

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Θεοκρίτου Ἐιδύλλια τόυτ᾽ εστὶ μικρὰ ποιήματα τριάκοντα.
[Paris]: Venales reperiuntur apud Egidium gourmont [pr. by J. de Gourmont], [1511].
4°: A⁴ B–H⁸ I⁴.
Printed in Paris for Gilles de Gourmont with the typographical material of Jean de Gourmont.
Date from device damage and from dedication by editor Celsus Hugo Dissutus to Aleander who was professor at Orléans from December 1510 to June 1511 (Inventaire chronologique).
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiii.’ (in greek).
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R16 (76mm); Gk5B (76mm).
Initials: spaces and guide letters.
Devices: Renouard 380 (G. de Gourmont).
Inventaire chronologique 1511, no. 209.
Omont XVII (1513).