Juvenalis, Decimus Junius, Satirae. 1505 (1506 n.s.) 4°. Paris: Josse Badius, for Josse Horenweghe, Joannes Meganc and Johannes Waterloes.

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7 March 1505 [1506 n.s.]
Juvenalis, Decimus Junius.
Iuuenalis familiare commentum Cum Antonij Mancinelli ... explanatione.
[Paris]: Impressum rursus in edibus Ascensianis apud Parrhisios impensis Ioannis Meganc Ioannis waterloose. Et Iodoci Horenweghe flandorum. Anno .M.CCCCC.v. ad Nonas Martias [1505 (1506 n.s.)].
4°: ₵⁶ a–z A–H⁸ I⁶ (I6 blank).
Printed in Paris by Josse Badius for Joannes Meganc, Joannes Waterloose and Josse Horenweghe in Flanders.
Badius’s preface is dated 1506 ‘Nonis Martiis Anno ad calculum Romanum’.
This edition appears to have been produced for export to the Low Countries.
The greek words in the text are transliterated even though Badius had greek type at this time.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$iiij’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T24 (92mm); Rot94 (55mm); R4 (106mm).
Initials: none.
Lombards: 11.0.
Adams J752.
Inventaire chronologique 1505, no. 124.
Renouard, Badius, ii, 538.
Imprimeurs parisiens, ii, no. 58.
Davis 364.