Budé, Guillaume, De contemptu rerum fortuitarum. 1520. 4°. Paris: Josse Badius, for himself.

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Budé, Guillaume, 1468-1540.
[De contemptu rerum fortuitarum.]
Gulielmi Budaei Parisiensis, de Contemptu rerum fortuitarum Libri tres.
[Paris]: Vęnundantur in officina Ascensiana, [1520].
4°: a–f⁸ g¹⁰ (g10 blank).
Printed in Paris by Josse Badius.
Title page reads ‘Cõtemptu’, not ‘Contemptu’.
Dated from dates of device and correspondence of January 1521.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$v’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R4 (110mm); Gk7 (92mm); Rcaps 9A (mm).
Initials: 45.
Devices: Renouard 23 (J. Badius).
Inventaire chronologique 1520, no. 2277.
Renouard, Badius, ii, 237.
Imprimeurs parisiens, ii, no. 442.
[IS000857]8466.bbb.26 (lacks g10)