Monte, Joannes de, Exultatio pro foetu Claudiae Francorum Reginae. 1518?. 8°. Paris: Jean II Du Pré

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Monte, Joannes de.
Exultatio fratris Io. de monte ... pro foetu Claudię ... francorum reginę.
[Paris]: [pr. by J. II Du Pré?], [c. 1518].
8°: A–B⁴.
Probably printed in Paris with the typographical material of Jean II Du Pré.
Dated from the state of the material and the birth of the Dauphin (29 March 1518).
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$ii’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: R16 (78mm).
Initials: 16.
Illustrations: Two woodcuts of the crucifixion from Du Pré’s material, 100×72 mm and 72×52 mm.
Inventaire chronologique 1518, no. 1905.