Jean Ier Du Pré

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Jean Ier Du Pré

Imprimeur, libraire-juré

Du Pré’s dated work terminates in 1502 (Inventaire chronologique). The colophon of an edition of December 1504 has impressum ab successoribus magistri Iohannis de prato; it was printed for booksellers in London. Renouard records that his widow Claire Dimanche worked at the same address until 1507 and was still alive in 1513. A book was printed at the sign of the Two Swans in 1514 (IS001404); the Inventaire chronologique (1514, no. 762) records its printer as ‘successeurs de Jean Ier Du Pré?’. Renouard records no other firm working at the Deux Cygnes.

In vico sancti Iacobi ad signum duorum Cygnorum;
Aux deux Cynes en la grant rue Saint Iacques (rue St Jacques, at the sign of the two swans).
BMC, viii, 32–38;
Renouard, Répertoire, 130-31;
Claudin, I, 209.
BnF Data: Jean Du Pré (14 ..- 1504)
Renouard 260 1501-1504
Name Size Dates Notes
R6 100 1501
T25 96 1491-1505/1506
T17 112 1504-1505/1506
T9 150 1504
T16 116 1514
Rot81 64 1514
Music 1504
Size Dates
11.0 1504
19.0 1504
5.0 1504
Height Dates Notes
24x32 1494-1501 Claudin, I, 277
38 1504
125x90 1504
14 1514 successor?
28 1514 successor?

7 May 1501
Leto, Giulio Pomponio, 1428-1497.
Romanae historiae compendium: ... Per Pomponium Laetum.
[Paris]: Impressum parisiis impensa Ioannis pratensis. Anno M.ccccc. primo. Non. maii [1501].
4°: A–K⁶ K⁸ (K8 blank?).
Printed in Paris for Jean Ier Du Pré and possibly printed by him or by one of several printers producing small humanistic texts in roman type at this time.
[View full record]9039.bbb.5 (lacks K8)
Andrelini, Publio Fausto, 1462-1518.
Bucollici Fausti.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Impensis Ioannis de prato [pr. by J. Antonius]. Anno Milesimo quingentesimo primo. Parisijs [1501].
4°: a–h⁶.
Printed in Paris by Joannes Antonius for Jean Ier Du Pré.
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24 December 1504
[Liturgies. Missals. Salisbury.]
Ad vsum insignis ecclesiae Sarum missale.
[Paris]: Anno .M.CCCCC.iiii. ix kl Ianuarii impressum ab ingeniosis impressorie artis successoribus magistri Iohannis de prato. Venales apud bibliopolas in cimyterio sancti Pauli London. inuenientur. [Colophon:] In alma vniuersitate Parisiensi finis impositus est huic missale: arte successorum Iohannis de prato, [1504].
2°: ⁶ aa–gg⁸ hh⁶; a–d⁸ e–f⁶; A⁶ B–E⁸ F–G⁶; A–E⁸.
Printed in Paris by the successors of Jean Ier Du Pré for the booksellers in St Paul’s churchyard (London).
[View full record]C.35.k.1.

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