Jean de La Porte

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Bookseller in Paris, 1508–1520

Libraire juré

In clauso Brunelli sub signo Cathedrae (in the Clos Bruneau, at the sign of the Chair).
In 1519: In vico Sancti Johannis Lateranensis sub signo diuae Virginis Mariae, et in vico Citharae in officina libraria vico Mathurinorum directe opposita (in the rue Saint Jean de Latran, at the sign of the Virgin Mary and in the rue de la Harpe opposite the rue des Mathurins).
Renouard, Répertoire, p. 239
BnF Data: Jean de La Porte
Renouard 572


The following printers produced books financed by or in partnership with Jean de La Porte



The following books were printed for Jean de La Porte