John, Climacus, Scala paradisi. 1511. 8°. Paris: Jean Seurre, for Jean Petit and François Regnault.

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16 April 1511
John, Climacus, Saint, active 6th century.
[Scala paradisi.]
Doctor spiritualis Iohannis clymaci ... Triginta gradus celestis scale: nouiter emendati.
[Paris]: Impressioni traditi. Anno mill[esim]o quingentesimo. xi. [pr. by J. Seurre]. [Colophon:] impressi Parisijs sumptibus Iohannis parui et Francisci regnault. Anno millesimo quingentesimo xi. xvi. kalendas Maij [1511].
8°: a–s⁸ t⁴.
Printed in Paris with the typographical material of Jean Seurre for Jean Petit and François Regnault.
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iiij.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T14 (125mm); Rot69 (63mm).
Initials: 16.
Devices: Renouard 939 (F. Regnault).
Lombards: 11.0.
Inventaire chronologique 1511, no. 134.