Liturgies. Breviaries. Rome. 1513?. 4°. Paris: Thielman Kerver

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16 February 1513
[Liturgies. Breviaries. Rome.]
Breuiarium romanum sub maiori forma ... efformatum.
[Paris]: [pr. by T. Kerver], [c.1513?].
4°: 3 parts.
Printed in Paris by Thielman Kerver.
Title information from French STC and Inventaire chronologique; typographical information from Isaac’s notes.
Inventaire chronologique gives the date as 2 February 1513.
Types: Rot47 (84mm); Rot3 (180mm).
Bohatta, Breviere, 44?.
Inventaire chronologique 1513, no. 516?.
[IS000368]3355.b.10 (imperfect; destroyed by bombing in World War II)