Liturgies. Hours. Rome. 1515. 8°. Paris: Thielman Kerver

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27 October 1515
[Liturgies. Hours. Rome.]
Hore intemerate dei genetricis virginis marie secundum vsum Romane curie.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Impressoremque Thielmannum Keruer ... lauda: qui hoc opus Parisijs impressit. Anno Millesimo quingentesimo decimoquinto. die vigesima septima mensis octobris [1515].
8°: [...] A–T⁸.
Printed in Paris by Thielman Kerver.
The title is taken from the foot of the final verso.
Signature pattern: ‘$j’–‘$ij’ (and ‘$’).
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot94 (52mm); Rot47 (84mm).
Devices: Renouard 499 (T. Kerver).
Illustrations: woodcuts and borders.
Bohatta ii, 141?
Inventaire chronologique 1515, no. 1131.
[IS000370]C.36.b.14 (vellum, lacks all before sig. A)