Liure de Matheolus. 1520?. 4°. Paris: Widow of Jean Trepperel

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Le liure de Matheolus.
[Paris]: [pr. by the widow of J. Trepperel], [c. 1520].
4°: A–I⁸//⁴ K–O⁴.
Printed in Paris with the typographical material of the widow of Jean Trepperel.
Line division does not match Inventaire chronologique 1527, no. 1264: Le liure de Mathe=|olus | Qui nous mo[n]stre | sans varier |.
Quire number on title-page: ‘xiiii’ (14 gatherings, 17 sheets).
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iii.’ or ‘$.iiii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T6 (230mm); T16 (116mm); B11 (80mm).
Initials: 12; 28.
Lombards: 7.0.
Illustrations: woodcuts.
[IS001956]11475.ccc.29 (lacks O4 blank?)