Maillard, Olivier, Passio Iesu Christi. 1508?. 8°. Paris: André Bocard

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Maillard, Olivier, approximately 1430-1502.
[Passio Iesu Christi.]
Feria .vi. de passione domini. Sermo. Passio domini nostri iesu christi Reuerendi. p. Oliuerij Parisius declamata.
[Paris]: [pr. A. Bocard, for J. Petit?], [c. 1508].
8°: A–B⁸ (B8 blank).
Printed in Paris by André Bocard for Jean Petit.
Typographically similar to other editions of Maillard’s sermons printed by Bocard at this date.
Found with 1508 and 1510 editions of Maillard.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$iiij’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot94 (55mm); Rot47 (80mm).
Lombards: 3.0; 10.0.
Not in Inventaire chronologique.
Not Imprimeurs parisiens t.5, no. 23.
[IS000391]846.i.13(2) (lacks B8)