Pierre Leroy

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Pierre Leroy


Apparently a successor to Nicolas Bérauld and the widow of Jean Barbier, whose typographical material he used in 1517, partly in partnership with Jean de La Fosse, before it came into the possession of Jean II Du Pré around the end of 1517 or the beginning of 1518.

Renouard, Répertoire, 272.
See the entry for Jean Barbier.

Tommai, Pietro, 1448-1508.
Compendium iuris ciuilis domini Doctoris Petri Rauennatis.
[Paris]: Venundantur Parrhisijs a Reginaldo Chaudiere [pr. by G. Desplains and P, Leroy, successor of J. Barbier], [c. 1517].
8°: a–y⁸ z².
Printed in Paris for Regnault Chaudière, the printing shared using the typographical material of Guillaume Desplains and Pierre Leroy.
[View full record]C.108.b.14(2).

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