Precordiale deuotorum. 1509. 8°. Paris: Jean Marchant, for Jean Petit.

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Precordiale deuotorum.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Parisius pro Iohanne Petit Impressum In Bellouisu [address of J. Marchant]. Anno millesimo quingentesimo nono [1509].
8°: a⁸ b–l⁸.
Printed in Paris for Jean Petit, with the device, address and typographical material of Jean Marchant.
Signature pattern: ‘$i’–‘$iiii’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot81 (64mm); T20 (110mm).
Initials: none.
Devices: Renouard 708 (J. Marchant); Renouard 881 (J. Petit).
Lombards: 5.0.
Illustrations: Woodcut, 88×71 mm, ‘In tenebrie ambulant’; Woodcut, 85×70 mm, Christ standing with God the Father.
Inventaire chronologique 1509, no. 162.