Renouard 380

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Device of Gilles de Gourmont


Renouard 380 from [CERL Thesaurus ]
Renouard records use from 1503/1504.
Woodcut, with signs of the grain splitting from top to bottom.
Dates recorded: 1506–1513
Dimensions: 83 x 61 mm
Damage: 1506: 2mm break in bottom rule at right-hand corner; 1507: break in both right-hand rules, score through outer left rule, score through both left rules; later 1507: 3 more scores in left rule; later 1507: crack in top rule, , 2 nicks in top rule; 1508: 2 gaps in outer bottom rule; 1509: further damage to left, right and bottom rules; 1510: split in the top rule; later 1510: further damage to bottom rule; 1511: 8mm gap in bottom rule, further nick in top rule; 1511/1512: 6mm gap in outer bottom rule; 1513: gap in bottom rule extended to 18 mm.