Thomas Du Guernier

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Thomas Du Guernier


A bookseller according to Renouard, but the colophons of the two books recorded here state that they are imprime par maistre Thomas duguernier (1502/3) and exaratus sumptibus & opera Magistri Thome duguernier (1508/9).

1505–1506        ‘Rue de la herpe, a lenseigne du petit Cheval blanc’ (rue de la Harpe, at the sign of the Small White Horse).
1508–1510 ‘Rue de la Harpe, devant la rue de la Parcheminerie, a lenseigne Sainct Yves’ (In vico Cytharae, in intersignio diui Yuonis).
1515 In vico sancti Iacobi sub intersignio Scaniae (rue St-Jacques, at the sign of the Shell)
Renouard, Répertoire, 127.
BnF Data: Thomas Du Guernier
Name Dates Notes
Renouard 257 1502/3 Renouard records occurrences in 1505/6 and 1514.
Name Size Dates Notes
T14 125 1508/9
Rot3? 180 1502/3 lowercase only
Rot81 64 1508/9
B13 75 1502/3
B7 98 1502/3
Size Dates
6.0 1508/9
11.0 1502/3
‘$’-‘$iiii’ (1502/3); ‘$’ and ‘$.’ only (1508/9)

9 January 1503
[Ordinaire des chrétiens.]
Lordinayre des crestiens.
[Paris]: Imprime a paris par maistre Thomas du guernier. [Colophon:] Imprime a paris par maistre Thomas duguernier. Et fut acheue le .ix. iour de ianuier. Lan mil cinq cens et deux [1502 (1503 n.s.?)].
2°: a⁸ b–t⁶ v–x⁸.
Printed in Paris by Thomas Du Guernier.
[View full record]C.97.c.4.
2 April 1509
Gerson, Jean, 1363-1429.
[Sacrae theologiae compendium.]
Egregium perutileque sacre theologie compendium quod magistro Iohanni gerson ascribitur.
[Paris]: Venales habentur penes Magistrum thomam duguernier. [Colophon:] Parisius quidem exaratus sumptibus & opera Magistri Thome duguernier. Anno millesimo. 508. die vero secunda aprilis [1508 (1509 n.s.?)].
8°: A B–Q [Q2 signed ‘Rij’] S–U x–z & ʔ⁸ [us]².
Printed in Paris by Thomas Du Guernier for himself.
[View full record]C.111.aa.3.

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