Vespucci, Amerigo, Mundus novus. French. 1520?. 4°. Paris: Jean Jehannot, for himself.

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Vespucci, Amerigo, 1451-1512.
[Mundus novus. French.]
Sensuyt le Nouueau monde & nauigations: Faictes par Emeric de vespuce.
[Paris]: On les vend a Paris a lenseigne Sainct iehan baptiste ... Iehan iannot. [Colophon:] Imprime nouuellement a Paris par Iehan Ianot, [c. 1520?].
4°: A a–d⁴ e⁸ f–l⁴ m⁸ n–s⁴ t⁸.
Printed in Paris by Jean Jehannot (Janot) for himself.
Same collation as C.20.b.23 and G.6697(1) (post-1520?) but with no translator’s name on the title page, a different woodcut, and slight differences in the text.
Probably printed after the expiry of Galliot Du Pré’s three-year privilege (dated January 1516).
Quire number ‘xix.‘ : the book has 20 gatherings (23 sheets).
Signature pattern: ‘$.i.’–‘$.iii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: T6 (230mm); T16 (116mm); T24 (96mm); B10 (81mm).
Initials: 11; 15; 22; 29; 32.
Lombards: 7.0; 11.0.
Illustrations: woodcut, 86×91 mm, spheres and zodiac, single rule.
Inventaire chronologique 1515, no. 1240?.