Bolzanio, Urbano, Institutiones graecae grammatices. 1513?. 4°. Paris: Jean Marchant, for Gilles de Gourmont.

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Bolzanio, Urbano, approximately 1443-1524.
Institutiones graecae grammatices.
[Paris]: Veneunt in aedibus Aegidii Gourmontii e regione collegii Cameracensis [pr. by J. Marchant?], [c.1513?].
4°: a⁴ b–r⁴/⁸ s⁴ t–z A–G⁴/⁸ H⁶.
Printed in Paris for Gilles de Gourmont, with the typographical material of Jean Marchant.
Imprint from title-page: no colophon.
Gourmont’s address cannot be later than 1518 (Renouard, Répertoire, p. 178); the state of his device and the state of the initials suggest c. 1513.
Signature pattern: ‘$’–‘$iiii.’.
Catchword pattern: none.
Types: Rot6 (205mm); R8 (94mm); R16 (79mm); Gk5B (94mm).
Initials: 17×15; 18; 25.
Devices: Renouard 380 (G. de Gourmont).
Lombards: none.
Illustrations: diagrams.
H. Omont, Les débuts de la typographie grecque à Paris, no. XIX.