Le Petit Laurens

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Le Petit Laurens
Printer in Paris, 1491-1517

Imprimeur, libraire-juré (apparently in succession to René du Hamel, 19 March 1505).

Laurens must have worked solely as a bookseller after about 1502: the Inventaire chronologique list books for c.1501 and c.1502 only. Many of his books are undated. The entries listed here were catalogued as incunables by BMC but have been re-dated to the early sixteenth century on typographical grounds. BMC’s IB.40265 (Ordinaire des crestiens, p.163) has been re-ascribed to Antoine Caillaut (IS001949).

Rue saint Jacques, near Saint Yves, at the sign of the Croix Blanche.
Renouard, Répertoire, 242.
Claudin, ii, 117ff.
BMC viii, 160-163.
BnF Data: Le Petit Laurens (imprimeur-libraire, 14..-15..)
Renouard 579, Renouard 580 and Renouard 581, Polain 116 and 117 (not found in the British Library’s 16th-century books)
Name Size Dates Notes
T19 112 1499-1501 BMC’s 112G
T8 210 1491-1501 BMC’s 210G
Rot55 76 1499-1501 BMC’s 76G
B12 84 1501 BMC’s 85B
B7 98 1491-1501 BMC’s 99B
10 mm ????-1501
Size Dates
75x 1501
60x 1501
20x 1501
‘$i-$iiii’; one 8° signed ‘$’ only; a 4° signed ‘$’ (or ‘$i’) and ‘$iii’ only.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius.
[De officiis. French.]
Sensuyt le livre Tulles des offices.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Imprime a Paris par Le petit Laurens Pour Iehan petit, [1501?].
2°: a–g⁸ h–i⁶ k⁴.
Printed in Paris by Le Petit Laurens for Jean Petit.
[View full record]IB.40264 (final gathering mutilated)
Anjou and Maine. Coutumes.
Le coustumier des pays daniou et du maine.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Imprime a paris par le petit laurens. Pour iehan petit. Et en trouuera on aussi a vendre a angers a la chaussee saint pierre en la maison iehan alexandre librayre de luniuersite dudit angers, [1501].
8°: a b–m⁸ n¹⁰.
Printed in Paris by Le Petit Laurens for Jean Petit and Jean Alexandre in Angers.
[View full record]IA.40263 (lacks a1)
[Mystère de la Passion.]
Le mistere de la passion notre seigneur iesucrist.
[Paris]: [Colophon:] Imprimee a paris par le petit laurens pour Iehan petit, [c. 1501].
2°: a–i⁸ k–o⁶; A–N⁸.
Printed in Paris by Le Petit Laurens for Jean Petit.
[View full record]IB.40267 (lacks b1, c3, A4, A5)
Badius, Josse, 1462-1535.
[Stultifera navis. French.]
La nef des folles.
[Paris]: Et sont a vendre au pellican deuant sainct yuez a paris [address of the Marnef brothers]. [Colophon:] Imprime nouuellement a paris par petit Laurens. Pour geoffroy de marnef, [c. 1501].
4°: a⁴ b–m⁶ n⁸ (n8 blank?).
Printed in Paris by Le Petit Laurens for Geoffroy de Marnef.
[View full record]IA.40269 (lacks n8, blank?)

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